Shrubs for Sun(N-Z)

Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander 'Single Pink'

 #1003715   $3.50

'Single Pink'

Oleander grows to 2–6 m tall, with erect stems. Leaves are light green and very glossy when young, before maturing to a dull dark green/greenish gray. The flowers grow in clusters at the end of each branch; sweet-scented. Toxic if eaten

Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander 'Double White'

 #1003690   $3.50

'Double White'

A hardy adaptable shrub which tolerates drought conditions and poor soils. Easily grown in all areas. Normally flowers throughout the year.  Toxic if eaten.

Osteospermum ecklonii

Osteospermum ecklonii 'CreepingDaisy'

 #1003835   $2.50

'Creeping Daisy'

Plants prefer a warm and sunny position and rich soil, although they tolerate poor soil, salt or drought well. Flowers continuously when watered and fertilised well. If planted in a container, soil should be prevented from drying out completely. 

Pelargonium 'Caliente Deep Red'

Pelargonium 'Caliente Deep Red'

#1002562   $2.00

 Caliente Deep Red Geranium features bold balls of lightly-scented dark red flowers at the ends of the stems from late spring to early fall. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its tomentose round palmate leaves remain green in colour with prominent brown stripes throughout the year. 

Pelargonium sanguineum

Pelargonium sanguineum

#1002565   $2.50

 A Large flowered variety with flowers in a distinctive pale rose-pink. The foliage has a certain indefinable quality that makes it look softer than other cultivars. 

Pelargonium domesticum

Pelargonium domesticum

#2200000   $3.00

#2200002   $4.00 large

 Fast growing evergreen shrub to 3 feet tall and as wide.Prolific blooms in spring and summer, colour varies by variety chosen.Prefers moderate to regular water and full sun to light shade.

Penstemon gloxinioides

Penstemon gloxinioides

 #1003931   $2.00

Flower colors include many shades of red, pink, white, lavender and purple. Upright plants are truly elegant bloomers that are as well suited to the perennial border as they are the sunny rock garden. If deadheaded promptly after flowers fade, they will produce a second showing.

Penstemon scrophulariaceae

Penstemon scrophulariaceae

 #1003930   $2.00

Popular pale pink border plant which  responds to trimming of flower heads. An easily grown border plant for  well-drained fertile soil. Suitable for most regions.

Pentas lanceolata

Pentas lanceolata

 #1003985   $3.00

A fast-growing, small to medium-sized  shrub with light green foliage. Each branch tip bears a bunch of small flowers. Pentas comes in a variety of colours, including pink, red, mauve and white.  This plant attracts butterflies and make good cut flowers. Plant in fertile and well-drained soil. Remove spent flowers to extend flowering time.

Philadelphus coronarius

Philadelphus coronarius 'Mock orange'

#1004100   $2.00

'Mock Orange'

Large fragrant pure white flowers. A hardy shrub of upright growth habit suited to cooler regions. Cut back old stems to renew vigour. 

Phlox paniculata

Phlox paniculata 'Periennial Phlox'

 #1004120   $2.00

'Periennial Phlox'

Attractive large heads of pink /white/mauve fragrant flowers on  long stems held above fresh green leaves.  Prefers rich soil but widely  adaptable.

Physostegia virginiana

Physostegia virginiana 'Cathedral Spires'

 #1004220   $2.50

'Cathedral Spires'

Showy spikes of pinkish mauve  flowers on upright stems carrying  toothed fresh green leaves.   Free-flowering over a long period.   Likes rich soil.

Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago auriculata

 #1004291   $3.50

Dark blue Phlox-like flower heads on  rambling shrub. Spreads readily  requiring hard pruning in late Winter.  Divide to promote vigorous growth.

Poinsettia pulcherrima

Poinsettia pulcherrima

 #1004390   $3.00

Large very double glowing crimson  bracts on arching stems. Protect from frost and wind. A blaze of Winter colour. Prune hard in September.

Polygala virgata

Polygala virgata

 #1004410   $3.00

Beautiful sprays of clear blue flowers  on arching stems carrying pointed leaves. Enjoys fertile soil with frequent   water. Frost tender. Recommended  ornamental shrub. 

Pseudomussaenda flava

Pseudomussaenda flava

 #1004520   $3.00

A medium-sized shrub with upright growth habit. Bright lemon yellow sepals & flowers contrast with green foliage. Tolerant of most soil types.

Punica granatum

Punica granatum

 #1004550   $3.00

Double scarlet flowers with ruffled  petals. Shiny dark green leaves on upright branches.

Pyracantha crenulata

Pyracantha crenulata

 #1004570   $2.00

An abundance of attractive red berries  follow the small white flowers. An easily grown hardy evergreen for  hedging in all areas and soil types.  

Rhagodia hastata

Rhagodia hastata

 #1004610   $2.00

Arching stems carry triangular grey leaves interspersed with the odd red leaf. Provides a contrast in the mixed  border in a wide range of soils.

Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Rosemary'

 #1004650   $2.50

`Rosemary' A "must" for the herb garden. Whole plant is aromatic.  Use leaves to flavour lamb and  fish. Infusion of leave aids digestion and circulation..

Ruellia squarrosa

Ruellia squarrosa - purple

 #1004836   $2.00

Sprawling perennial shrub,  purple flowers. Full sun or semi-shade,  prefers moist, well-drained soil

Ruellia squarrosa

Ruellia squarrosa - blue

#1004660   $2.00

Sprawling perennial shrub,  blue flowers. Full sun or semi-shade,  prefers moist, well-drained soil

Ruspolia hypocrateriformis

Ruspolia hypocrateriformis 'Pink Mock Plumbago'

 #1004680   $2.00

'Pink Mock Plumbago'

Showy sprays of pink flowers. Best in frost-free gardens. Plant in rich moist  soil in light shade. Trim to shape. An  indigenous shrub.

Russelia equisetiformis

Russelia equisetiformis  `Coral Fuchsia'

 #1004690   $2.00

`Coral Fuchsia'

Sprays of small red tubular flowers on long weeping stems carrying very fine  foliage. Fast and very rewarding. Plant  to cascade over low walls.

Ruttya fruticosa

Ruttya fruticosa 'Red Jammy Mouth'

#1004720   $2.00

'Red Jammy Mouth'

Snapdragon-like red flowers  with shiny black throat. Fast-growing and semi- evergreen. Responds well to shaping. Semi-hardy.

Ruttya fruticosa 'Scholesii'

Ruttya fruticosa 'Scholesii' 'Yellow Jammy Mouth'

#1004720   $2.00

'Yellow Jammy Mouth'

Snapdragon-like yellow flowers with black throat. Semi-hardy. A fast semi-evergreen shrub which responds well to shaping. Tolerant of poor conditions.

Salvia elegans

Salvia elegans 'Pineapple sage'

#1811110   $2.00

'Pineapple sage'

 A species with an incredible fruity fragrance. The red flowers are tubular which attracts humming birds which is a prime pollinator. The leaves and flowers are used to make a fragrant mild tea. This perennial plant grows up to 1-1.5 m in height. The crushed leaves have a scent. The leaf surfaces have short and fine hairs. 

Salvia greggii

Salvia greggii 'Red Autumn Sage'

#1004815   $2.00

'Red Autumn Sage' 

Long blooming and drought tolerant with only minimal maintenance of late winter cutting back, and maybe a bloom pick-me-up deadheading at mid summer.  The red tubular flowers are a hummingbird magnet.  

Salvia greggii 'Alba'

Salvia greggii 'Alba' 'White Autumn Sage'

 #1004825   $2.00

'White Autumn Sage' 

Long blooming and drought tolerant with only minimal maintenance of late winter cutting back, and maybe a bloom pick-me-up deadheading at mid summer.  The white tubular flowers are a hummingbird magnet.  

Salvia involucrata


#1004800   $2.00

'Pink Salvia'

Deep pink bracts with white flowers in winter. Plant in the background of  the herbaceous border. Suited to most soil types. Fast-growing.

Salvia leucantha

Salvia leucantha 'Purple Salvia'

#1004810   $2.00

'Purple Salvia'

Purple and white woolly flowers on spikes. Pointed sage-green leaves.A frost- hardy and easily-grown shrub. Fairly drought-resistant.

Salvia officianalis

Salvia officianalis 'Blue Sage'

#1004770   $2.00

'Blue Sage'  

Grey-green leaves & spikes of violet/blue fragrant flowers. Aromatic foliage. An attractive rounded small shrub ideal for mixed borders.

Salvia farinacea

Salvia farinacea

#1004805   $2.00

It bears spikes of pure-white flowers all summer and autumn. Like other forms of salvia, it shines with silvery foliage and adapts to different soil types. It's a good selection for cutting and makes a wonderful accent with its pure white flowers. 

Salvia greggii

Salvia greggii 'Autumn Sage' Carmine

#1004790   $2.00

 #1004780   $2.00 

'Autumn Sage' Carmine/Rose oink

Aromatic leaves and small carmine or rose pink flowers borne in profusion. An attractive addition to the border providing year-round colour.

Salvia patens



#1004760   $2.00

`Salvia Patio Deep Blue'

Spikes of pale blue flowers. A fast  hardy and easily-grown perennial of medium proportion with an upright  growth habit. Can be pruned back in  late Winter. 

Salvia greggii

Salvia greggii  'Autumn Sage'  Deep blue

#1004760   $2.00

 'Autumn Sage'  Deep blue

Spikes of deep blue flowers. A fast hardy and easily-grown perennial of medium proportion with an upright growth habit. Can be pruned back in late winter.

Sambucus canadensis


#1004840   $2.00


Flat heads of cream flowers & black  berries on long cane- like stems. An  easily grown hardy shrub preferring moist soil. Prune hard for density. 

Sambucus nigra 'Albo-marginata'


#1004860   $2.00

'Variegated Elderberry'

Flat heads of cream flowers &  black  berries. Dark green leaves irregularly  variegated white. Fast  and  easy. Frost- hardy. Suits moist soils. 

Santolina chamaecyparissus


#1004870   $2.50

'Cotton Lavender '

Silvery grey aromatic leaflets arranged  in four ranks. Forms a compact hummock of foliage punctuated by yellow button flowers. Well-drained  soil. 

Scabiosa columbaria


#1004890   $2.00


Low-growing perennial with  greyish-green lobed foliage.  Semi-double pinkish - mauve flowers on stems held above the leaves. Dense  habit.  

Senecio spp


#1004920   2.00

Evergreen ground cover with trailing stems bearing small rounded  leaves and yellow flowers.  Plant groups in the rockery or mixed border. Low growing and compact. 

Serissa foetida 'Aurea'


#1004940   $2.00

Attractive small golden leaves on an evergreen and neat compact rounded  shrub. Most suited to massed foreground planting. Half-hardy and tolerant of most soil types. 

Solidago canadensis

Solidago canadensis 'Golden Rod'

#1004980   $2.00

'Golden Rod'

Upright stems with spikes of deep yellow flowers.  Good as a spreading background plant. Easy in all but very hot areas. Cut to ground level annually.

Spiraea cantoniensis

Spiraea cantoniensis

#1005050   $2.00

A compact small shrub with bright  green leaves on softly arching stems.  Small white flowers borne along the  length of the stems. Excellent soft plant for foreground. 

Spiraea cantoniensis 'Lanceata'

Spiraea cantoniensis 'Lanceata' 'Cape May'

#1005020   $2.00

'Cape May'

Masses of double white flowers borne in heads at end of stems. Toothed dark green leaves with light grey undersides. Hardy with medium growth rate

Stachytarpheta mutabilis

Stachytarpheta mutabilis

#1005080   $2.00

Purple flowers on spikes all  year round. An easily-grown screening plant which responds to pruning into shape. Tolerant of most soil types. Requires frequent watering. 

Streptosolen jamesonii

Streptosolen jamesonii 'Marmalade Bush'   Orange

#1005120   $2.00

'Marmalade Bush'   Orange 

Heavy clusters of rich orange flowers on pendant branches. Prune tips of young plants to promote bushiness. Fast-growing but frost tender. 

Streptosolen jamesonii 'Lutea'

Streptosolen jamesonii 'Lutea'

#1005130   $2.00

'Marmalade Bush'   Yellow 

Heavy clusters of brilliant yellow flowers on pendant branches. Prune tips of young plants to promote bushiness. Fast-growing. Frost tender.

Tulbachia fragrans

Tulbachia fragrans

#1005355   $2.00

'Sweet Garlic'

 A clump-forming perennial with strap like leaves. It bears many small, fragrant, lilac-coloured flowers in umbels during Summer. 

Tulbachia violacea

Tulbachia violacea

#1005360   $2.00

'Sweet Garlic'

Attractive heads of rose-lilac flowers  and narrow grey-green leaves. Easily  grown and adaptable. Tolerant of   poor soils and dry conditions.

Viburnum tinus 'Laurestinus'

Viburnum tinus 'Laurestinus'

#1005420   $2.00

An upright evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and attractive flat heads  of pink buds opening ivory. Best in cooler areas. Keep moist

Vitex agnus-castus

Vitex agnus-castus 'Chaste Tree'

#1005460   $2.00

'Chaste Tree'

Spikes of tiny blue flowers above very  attractive palmately divided leaves  which are flushed bronze when young.  Fast excellent screening. 

Vitex atropurpurea

Vitex atropurpurea  'Purple Chaste Tree'

#1005470   $2.00

'Purple Chaste Tree'

A very attractive shrub  with  soft leaves having a purplish wash on their undersides. Fast and well suited for  screening undesirable views. 

Vitex trifolia variegata

Vitex trifolia variegata

#1005480   $2.00

Dense variegated foliage arranged in threes. Blue flowers in spikes.  Fast-growing shrub for screening or  for contrast in the border. 

Weigela florida

Weigela florida

#1005520   $2.00

Pink bell-shaped flowers in clusters. Requires a sheltered position out of    hot winds and sun. Deciduous but hardy. Prune and fertilise for better flowering.             

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica  'White ArumLily'

#1005555  $5.00

#1005550   $2.00

'White ArumLily'

Thrives in part shade with an abundant  water supply. Large handsome green leaves and white flowers produced continually in ideal situation. 

Zephranthes candida

Zephranthes candida  'Summer Crocus'

#1005560   $2.00

'Summer Crocus'

Reed-like narrow dark green foliage.   White Crocus-like flowers. Best in   groups in part shade. Evergreen if  well watered.